Art is a passion! Its impact can be dramatic and it becomes a means to translate or express one's feelings. Sometimes this expression is nothing more than a symbol - one that transmits an emotion to others. Other times it becomes a depiction of an event or activity to celebrate life and in many cases a dedication of one to an ideal. There is beauty in a flower, a still life, a landscape and in an individual's labor and ideals. All of these can be driven by a passion and the artwork that is developed to translate or express it. That is why so many different works appeal to so many different people. So few speak the same language. Art can be whimsical and illustrative but it can also elevate,  be elating and serious.  Life is my passion, which I share with my family and their children - in their play, work, energy and spirit. What I create is a celebration of our life, travels, where we visit the people we know and the thoughts we hold. I enjoy watercolor media, but also work in pastel, graphite and oil, what ever I can best use to express the thought or feeling. While most of my work is done in the studio, I love exploration of the environment and the use of photography as a working tool and aid to assist in capturing an essence of the message.